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"Over the past 12 yeas I have had PT at Precision: once for my shoulder, another time for my knee, and then my foot which I broke. All are fully healed. At the end of PT, they recommended to continue certain exercises to keep my strength. I referred my daughter, husband and friends to them; all were pleased with their results. Dominic is extremely knowledgeable and has years of experience which he passes onto his staff. I highly recommend them. "
May 12, 2021
"After badly breaking and dislocating my ankle and undergoing 3 surgeries, I got life-changing help at Precision with Dominic. Through their patience, careful and thoughtful attention, and their increasingly harder flexibility, strength and balance training, I learned to walk again in a few months without a limp. Dominic and his team helped me enormously with my recovery, made it relatively fun and surprisingly comfortable. I owe them enormous credit and thanks for my successful and relatively quick recovery. I very highly recommend them. - Julie M. "
Dec 09, 2020
"My mother had 2 falls in 2years. She is cognitively impaired which makes it impossible for her to communicate effectively with others. Domenic and the team were amazing with her. They were patient, kind and always contacted our family whenever mom was in their care. This is truly a family environment and I highly recommend them to anyone!"
Nov 18, 2020
"I live within one half mile of Precision Physical Therapy. I was pleasantly surprise to fine how professional they were. They made me feel right at home. I even got information from them on what shoes were best for my feet. If you are looking to get some physical therapy done, I strongly recommend Precision Physical, tell them Shirley sent you."
Nov 16, 2020
"My husband and I have both used Precision Therapy a number of times to help us recover from a variety of complaints. My first time there was treatment for my plantar fasciitis. Domenic not only rid me of that problem but advised on how to avoid future bouts of that affliction. Mostly, he coached me to wear better shoes and do exercises. My second visit there was for the badly hurt knee that I obtained from a fall. I went from needing a cane and enduring great pain to release from both! I must say that Domenic has 'magic hands.' My husband's bad knee was also greatly improved by his time at Precision Therapy. So, if you want help from pain or lack of mobility, I recommend seeing Domenic! He's the guy to go to!"
Nov 15, 2020
"The staff work with scientific methods, custom care, and empathy. I learned about tough love from Dominic while healing from broken ribs. When I was tired and wanted to skip a few appointments he adjusted the treatments to allow me to heal but did not recommend I skip any treatments. When I thought I was done, he tested my balance and dexterity to show me I needed a few more visits. By the last treatment I could do the army crawl for six feet down the room with no discomfort. The staff is great with running injuries too. I returned to them for a problem with tight muscles on the back of one leg. After treatments he recommended better running shoes and cross training to stay fit and retain bone density as I age. I began swimming again and biking seasonally. It has really helped my running. I recommended this facility to my neighbor for lower back issues. She said they have helper her too."
Nov 09, 2020
"PPT is staffed with very friendly and knowledgeable physical therapists who helped me recover from two injuries: a long term left knee tracking issue and a torn ligament in my ankle. The space is inviting and nicely laid out, so I enjoyed my visits there. Highly recommend. "
Nov 06, 2020
"I had for a while various back issues that had become chronic. Despite the pain and hardships, I looked forward to being treated at Precision Physical Therapy and their always kind and wonderfully helpful staff. Domenic Visocchi who directs the clinic is like a brother or good friend, explaining where problems can emanate from and how best to treat them and take care of them. He goes out of his way to make time and is extra careful with special issues patients may have. Thanks to him and his friendly and knowledgeable partners and staff, I have recovered very well and hopefully I will only visit him just to say hi! You will be in good hands, and with caring souls at the center. If you have physical therapy needs or issues, you should give them a try. You won't be disappointed! My wife also had various injuries and she always speaks highly of the care and treatment she received from Domenic. They offer a very friendly and comfortable treatment, making you feel you missed the treatments! Thanks Domenic!"
Nov 05, 2020
"I had such a positive experience at Precision PT! The team was incredible, and they definitely put the patient first. They take their time to hear your concerns and problem solve with you throughout your treatment. Thank you Domenic and team! "
Oct 28, 2020
"Relaxed and clean environment, Dom and Jonathan work with you to meet your schedule needs. I used them 8 or more years ago and was easy to go back to them when I needed PT again last fall. "
Oct 28, 2020

“My wife had a fall, injuring her left leg resulting in a painful condition that had her walking with a cane. I contacted Precision and they immediately diagnosed the injury and treated it successfully with a few visits to their office, their expertise and experience with these kinds of problems are very rewarding to their clients.

I whole-heartedly recommend Precision.”

Eddie Sandford
Former Boston Bruins Team Captain
Five-Time NHL All Star

“Domenic, working with you and William gave me a lift. I felt empowered and more hopeful about improving my condition. Your pro-active approach was invigorating after months of my feeling rather helpless. I would love to work with the two of you after my surgery.”

B.J. Hallisey